Field: Recycling in Construction
Solution: Recycled Waste Used in Construction
Stage of Development: Prototype Development

UnderConstruction has innovated a material made of recycled waste used to make construction blocks. The blocks are made from recycled paper and dipped in recycled plastic for waterproofing. They are to be used as a replacement to regular concrete blocks. The block provides better insulation and is redesigned to better withstand pressure. It can also be used to make furniture and kitchen countertops.

The Founders

Reem Hilal is an architecture graduate of the Lebanese American University. She has worked in the construction field for 1.5 years and is now seeking a masters in restoration with a focus on sustainability. Reem’s passion is to experiment with materials.

Arwa Kayyali graduated with an architecture degree from the Lebanese American University is currently working the field while trying to focus on creating more sustainable materials for architects and buildings to produce less waste.

Jane Abou Rjeily is an architect, an artist and also an adventure and camping enthusiast.

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