Field: Environmental and Waste Management technologies
Solution: Automated Waste Sorting Machine
Stage of Development: Prototype Development

Smart Trash Can is an automated waste sorting machine for public use. The machine consists of three main compartments: 1)The separation compartment is used to separate mixed trash as soon as it is thrown 2) The Identification chamber is the core value of the product, used to identify waste material type in an efficient, feasible and noninvasive technique and 3) The sorting compartment used to sort trash according to material composition.
Smart Trash Can is more efficient than the three regular trash bins since it does not require human intervention to sort trash from the source. It also eliminates the need for technologies that sort in bulk, which are still very costly and immature, since trash would be sorted efficiently from the source.

The Founders

Gabriel El-Hakim has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineer, a Minor in Economics and 3 years of experience as a Certified Salesforce CRM consultant.

Jamil Ballout has a Technical degree in Manufacturing and 5 years of experience in the Manufacturing field. He also holds a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Business administration.

Ghada Hakim has a Master’s Degree in Computer Technology Administration and Management.

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