Field: Health Innovation
Solution: Mobile Solution for Dentist
Stage of Development: Product Development

Six Degrees of Freedom is a hardware and software solution that is multi-functional and user-friendly easing the communication, organization and documentation process for a dentist through magnification and illumination by using their mobile phone as a main. The dentist can also use his mobile smartphone to share images, have a zoom in and out control system via voice control, document and share all his work. Many inventions in the domain are optical-based and require a lot of adjustments and working skills. This device is digital-based and will aid the doctor in doing surgical work with minimum effort. It consists of a grip for the mobile phone while images are displayed via a virtual reality or augmented reality display system.

The Founders

Nassim Agha El Hassan became a professional dentist at a very young age. He has dealt with many difficult cases since he began his career, which has strengthened his knowledge and enhanced his overall experience. He is always keen on learning new skills in Photography and Dental photography. Dentistry has become a bridge linking between his artistic vision and his medical skills.

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