Field: Health Innovation
Solution: Hand Prosthesis for Amputees
Stage of Development: Prototype Development

Many amputees do not wear any prosthetics at all for financial reasons or because of robotic-looking artificial limbs. Unlike prosthetics that claim to be “biomimetic”, Handy Hand aims at offering a personalized, custom musculoskeletal prosthesis that looks and moves almost like the missing limb. A life-like and custom prosthetic hand where looks and function are merged to duplicate the patient’s missing hand.
Producing a Handy Hand for a patient starts by CT scanning and mirroring the person’s existing limb which provides for a nearly identical digital life-like duplicate of the amputee’s missing limb (e.g., hand). Computer-based design is then applied to the digital data. Fabrication of artificial materials to duplicate hard-tissue (bones) and soft tissue (skin) follows. Additional automation transforms Handy hand into a physical, functioning prosthesis intended to become similar in its functionality, look, size and weight to the amputees’ missing limb.

The Founders

Ramsey Hamade is a professor of mechanical engineering at the American University of Beirut.

Mounir Shaib is an electrical engineer with specialty in biomedical technology.

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