Field: Education
Solution: Civic Educational Game
Stage of Development: Prototype Development

BBox is an educational game that is designed to make children more mindful and aware of civic and contextual matters in their country. It targets kids between the ages of 7-12, and combines the different mediums of play, model-making, and applies the methodology of learning by doing. The product is issued every month covering a wide variety of topics. The physical product is accompanied by a complimentary mobile application that is designed to give the child a more holistic experience by introducing animation and prizes.
The game connects the real world with the learned curriculum at school. It provides an instant solution through which kids enjoy learning and parents are satisfied with their mindful children. It also aims for a greater future impact where these children become responsible citizens with leadership skills and hunger for creating social impact in their country.

The Founders

Diana Zoueini is a freelance Architect and a nature enthusiast. She is passionate about mechanisms, movable spaces, and small-scale structures with great social impact. Diana believes in building better education systems by designing more creative mediums that engage children and help grow their entrepreneurship minds.

Nadine Eid is a passionate person who believes in creating value for people. She is an Architect and a freelance videographer. Nadine always jumps into new opportunities of self-development like enrolling in masterclasses and leadership programs. She is now investing her time in the education sector where she will use her skills to design future mindful change-makers.

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